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give a dog a home.

The mission of Knick Knack Paddy Whack is to give every dog a home by funding additional shelter space, medical care of shelter dogs, and foster programs in partnership with local animal shelters through the sale of high quality dog treats.

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Are you a local animal shelter or rescue organization? Partner with KKPW to create a dedicated funding source to support our shared mission.

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"If I had thumbs, I'd give two thumbs up"

- Waldo, 5 months

"I'd roll over twice for a knick knack paddy whack treat."

-Barkley, 11 years

"The Ben and Jerry's of dog treats, but healthier."

-Pete, 8 years

"I'll eat almost anything, but i actually enjoy eating a KKPW treat."

-Boo, 8 years

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